Product Portfolio Right Sizing

Over the past two years, we have maneuvered through a business climate never before seen. As we continue to navigate these challenges, VSG is focusing on an “unparalleled commitment to our customers and our industry.

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What you will experience with this Product Portfolio Right Sizing:

  • Improved delivery times on our highest volume products
  • Higher initial quality and fewer out of box warranty issues due to complexity reduction
  • Simplified product offering focused on customers’ most preferred and available product models
  • A strong alignment with our brand strategy and go to market focus to reduce confusion in the marketplace

The following chart provides product-level detail of the upcoming portfolio changes:

Answers to your questions

• Please define the terms “Pause”, “Discontinue” and “Indefinite”.

Pause: production of these products are being temporarily stopped and they are unavailable to order during   that time.

Discontinue: production of these products is being stopped permanently and they are no longer available.

Indefinite: production of these products are being halted for a yet to be determined time frame. There is no       set date when they will be made available for sale.

• What if I have these products on an existing order?

Existing orders will not be impacted by the “pause or discontinuation”.  The order will ship upon receipt of the product or build date.

• Are container orders still available for these paused products?

No. These products are being paused for all new orders.

• Will lifts listed as “paused” come back to available on any specific timeframe?

There is no specific timeframe to lift the “indefinite” pause. Specific lift models will be continually evaluated to determine long-term availability status.

• Are suggested alternatives being offered at the same price as the paused/discontinued model?
No. Suggested alternatives are being offered as a way to help you identify other lift products that fit the use case or general feature set of the unavailable product. These alternatives may offer higher feature sets and a higher sales price.
• Will these products be removed from the Rotary, Forward and Direct websites?
Some of the products that are being discontinued will be removed from the websites permanently. Other products that are being paused will be either removed or flagged as “temporarily unavailable” on a case-by-case basis with alternative product links provided.
• Will these products be removed from literature files?
As with our websites, discontinued models will systematically be removed from literature and support collateral. As this occurs, new digital files will be uploaded to Lunati Garage. Other paused product will not be removed from support collateral, but will be flagged with a notification denoting the product as “temporarily unavailable”.

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