Welcome to our 2022 Customer Service newsletter.  This year we will focus on multiple teams in each newsletter throughout the year.  We hope you enjoy learning more about Customer Service and find the other information included helpful.

Please note that VSG will be closed on Friday, April 15th for Good Friday and Monday, May 30th for Memorial Day.

Order Entry Team

This is the team that handles all your ordering needs.  From how to place an order, to maintaining an order, or what is the status of an order. This group ensures you receive the product you need.

  • Receives purchase orders, verifies pricing, & enters orders
    • Orders received via email (cases on Salesforce), processors, fax, and phone in
    • Processed over 74,000 orders in 2021
  • Maintains orders per customer or production change requests
  • Resource for equipment & parts inquiries
  • Methods to place an order:
    • On Rotary Distributor Web (RDW)
    • Emailed to [email protected]
    • Faxed to 800.822.6502
    • Parts orders can be called into 800.445.5438

Current Team Members: Customer Service Supervisor: Josh Patterson, Product Technical Specialist: Donnie Bruther, International Sales Specialist: Chelsea Burch, and Order Management Coordinators: Kelly Moore, Allison Bergey, and Arvina Atchison

Employee Spotlight

Arvina Atchison, Order Management Coordinator

Arvina has worked with VSG since April of 2021 and joined full-time in November of 2021. She works out of our Warn facility near Portland, Oregon. This gives our department some West Coast support after normal business hours. Prior to VSG, Arvina worked for U-Haul Corporate in Phoenix, AZ as a Web Team Counselor in Customer Service for 12 ½ years.

 Hire Date: November 2021

Hobbies: Community service volunteering, DIY projects, collecting snowmen figures, and baking goodies with my grandchildren.

My Life: I was raised mostly in Washington state. Needing a change, I moved to Phoenix, AZ in 2002 with my two children (Orlando and Yazzmine). I raised my family and enjoyed fun in the sun. I moved back home to Oregon in January 2021 to be closer to my mother. Now, both of my children and their families live here as well. Outside of work, I volunteer in my community doing fundraisers and holiday events for those in need. I also enjoy spending time with my 6 grandchildren, baking, and going on outings to create memories and fun adventures.

Favorite Sports Teams: Seattle Seahawks, Portland Trail Blazers, and Arizona Diamondbacks

Milestone Anniversaries

Josh Patterson, Order Management Supervisor: 5-Year Anniversary 

Josh started in Rotary Technical Support and prior to VSG, worked 4 years in a similar position at Cummins Inc., in Columbus, Indiana.  In September of 2020, Josh was promoted to Order Management Supervisor, and just recently joined the Inside Sales team with the Orders team.

On March 13, Josh celebrated his 5-year Anniversary at VSG.

Hire Date: March 2017

Hobbies: Recreational league tennis, attending live music events, and traveling with my family

My Life: I was raised and still live in Seymour, IN which is about a 45-minute commute to VSG. I enjoy and have always been involved in customer service positions. Outside of work, I spend as much time as possible with my wife (Monika) and two sons (Collin and Mason). Right now, our lives are pretty consumed with the boys’ extracurricular activities which include band, Cub Scouts, and every sports league under the sun.

Favorite Sports Teams: Indiana Hoosiers, St. Louis Cardinals, Indiana Pacers, and Indianapolis Colts

ServAll Team

This is the team that works with you regarding completing work for our mutual customers who are our national accounts and part of the ServAll program. We dispatch service and inspection requests, handle the quotes for the additional work that is required on-site, ship you lifts for installation, and process your invoices for payment.

  • Responsible for managing the service and installations for our National Accounts.
    • Invoicing – calculate invoices from our Service Network to prepare for the debiting & crediting process.
    • Quoting – process quotes for all accounts.
    • Dispatching – responsible for receiving and sending out work orders to the field.
      • In 2021 we processed 11,331 tickets for service, inspection and/or installation
    • Corporate Communication – manage the flow of work occurring at the store levels by our service providers and communicating with those at the national account corporate office, to minimize each bays downtime.
    • Methods to contact ServAll: 800-943-5438 or [email protected]

Current Team Members: Customer Service Supervisor:  Trinady Abbott, ServAll Administrative Assistant: Sharon Michael, ServAll Product Consultants: Cheryl Taylor, Sara Mahoney, Emma Estes, Santana Knotts, Briana Siracuse, and Carson Hambrick

Employee Spotlight

Briana Siracuse, ServAll Product Consultant

Briana is fairly new to Rotary Lift, as she joined the Servall team in late January. Currently, Briana is learning about each of the accounts and all the various tasks within the department. She will continue to learn and broaden her knowledge in the coming months. So, if you haven’t worked with Briana yet, you likely will in the near future!

Hire Date: January 24, 2022

Hobbies: I love to bake but can’t cook to save my life! I like to make cookies, cakes, and cupcakes but if it’s something savory—count me out. I could probably burn boiled water! Other than that, I enjoy photography, following inclement weather, astrology, hoarding makeup, and listening to true crime podcasts. When I’m actually at home and have time to relax, I like to just hang out with my husband, my son, and my cats.

My Life: Madison is and always will be my home! I was born and raised here and no matter how many times I move away, I keep coming back! I graduated from MCHS in 2004 and went to Ivy Tech for business/ marketing—which is still in progress almost 20 years later!  I have an amazing 14-year-old son named Boston that goes to Southwestern and plays drums in the marching band. This June my husband Michael and I will be celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss!

Milestone Anniversaries

Trinady Abbott, Customer Service Supervisor – 15 Year Anniversary

Trinady began her career in ServAll where she has been the lead contact for multiple accounts over the years. She went from ServAll Product Consultant to Senior Product Consultant then to Supervisor in 2013. During this time, the team has grown and processes for our accounts have changed but serving our national accounts and working with our service providers has remained constant and the most enjoyable piece of being a part of the VSG team.

Trinady celebrated her 15-year Anniversary at VSG on January 22nd.

Hire Date: January 2007

Hobbies: Anything sports related, including chasing our kiddos from one sport to another, spending time with family, walking Harper our Great Dane, visiting breweries & wineries with friends. 

My Life: I have resided most of my life in Madison, though spent a lot of time in Cincinnati, where a large portion of my family resides. I graduated from Hanover College in 2006 with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. My fiancé Fred and I have three children together (Camden 24, Jeter 14, & Jadelyn 14) plus our many four-legged babies.

 Cheryl Taylor, ServAll Product Consultant – 5 Year Anniversary

Cheryl Taylor was hired as a full-time ServAll employee in March 2017; however, she had been in ServAll 18 months prior as a temp. She is the point person for Monro Muffler, checks the inspections received, as well as calculates invoices for most accounts.

Cheryl will celebrate her 5-year Anniversary at VSG on March 20th

Hire Date: March 2017

Hobbies: I enjoy old movies, outside activities, and traveling in the US.

My Life: I live in Jefferson Co., married to my husband Dave for 43 years, have three children – Merilee, Melody, and David, and 12 grandchildren to enjoy and spoil!

Light Duty Technical Product Support Team

They are a knowledgeable group of individuals who can help with anything related to lifts. From how to troubleshoot issues during install, to providing technical information about all of our lifting products. If you are looking for an expert, then this is who you call. They rise to the occasion, so your lifts rise to everyone else’s.

Light Duty Technical Support

  • Responsible for assisting with technical lift issues via calls and emails
    • Handled 103,319 calls in 2021
  •  Resource for equipment & parts order status
  •  Assists with part lookup inquiries
  • Warranty Management
  • Methods to contact Light Duty Technical Support: 800.445.5438 or [email protected]

Current Team Members: Customer Service Supervisor:  Yancy York, Team Lead: Cody Turner, Technical Product Consultants: Calyb Bentley, Cory Burch, Tyler Carson, Sean Cleary, Alex Curran, Cory Hoagland, Sidney Thevenow, and Jason Tucker 

Employee Spotlight

Alex Curran, Technical Product Consultant

Hire date: Dec 6, 2021.

Hobbies: Playing golf, as well as spending time with my wife Lauren and daughter Saylor

My life: I am a graduate of Switzerland County High School and have previously worked in Customer Service before beginning my career with VSG.

Cody Turner, Team Lead Technical Product Consultant

Congratulations to Cody Turner, who was the Top Call Taker Again for 2021 for Technical Support.

Thank you, Cody!