Welcome to our 2022 Customer Service newsletter.  This year we will focus on multiple teams in each newsletter.  We hope you enjoy learning more about Customer Service and find the other information included helpful.

Please note that VSG will be closed on Monday, July 4th for Independence day.


Heavy Duty Technical Product Support Team

Heavy Duty Technical Support

  • Responsible for assisting with technical lift issues via calls and email
  • Resource for equipment & parts order status
  • Assists with part lookup inquiries
  • Warranty Management
  • Methods to contact Heavy Duty Technical Support: 800.445.5438 option # 5 or [email protected]

Team Members: Customer Service Supervisor: Paul Lee (Center), Product Technical Specialists: Shawn Wehner (Left) & Cameron Rampy (Right)

Employee Spotlight

Cameron has worked with VSG since November 15th of 2021.  Prior to VSG, Cameron worked in customer service at CVS & Game Stop in Madison.  Cameron is also a volunteer fire fighter at Walnut Street Fire Department.

Hire Date: November 15th, 2021

Important Changes for Heavy Duty Orders:

All Lift and part orders must to be emailed to: [email protected]

The [email protected] will no longer be a valid email for order submittal.

Important Dates for HD Tech Support:

HD RAI Training Schedule:

September 12th – 14th

October 10th-12th

Chief Technical Support Team

This is the team to call for technical support of all things Chief.  From Live Mapping to frame racks and specialty holding, to welding and riveting, we ensure your Chief equipment is backed up with the best technical support in the industry. Visit us at www.chieftechnology.com.

Team Members (l-r):  Supervisor: Darrell Liter, Technical Specialist: Bryan Brown, Intl. Technical Consultant: Joey Kramer, and Technical Specialists Michael Chatham and John Bliton

Chief Collision Technology Technical Support

  • Support for Chief Live Mapping systems
  • Troubleshooting and repair of all Chief measuring systems and Genesis software
  • Genesis software & vehicle specifications updates
  • Assistance with measuring problems and systems operational guidance
  • Diagnosis of laser scanners and order entry for laser exchanges and repairs
  • Support and troubleshooting of Chief frame racks
  • Support, troubleshooting and bench repairs of Chief welding and riveting equipment
  • Assistance with technical documentation, parts guidance and repair methodology
  • Distributor training and support
  • Warranty support of all Chief equipment


Contacting Chief Technical Support

Web  www.chieftechnology.com  or Lunati Garage at www.lunatigarage.vsgdover.com

Employee Spotlight

Bryan Brown, Technical Specialist & Welder Repair Master Technician

Bryan began his career with VSG as an Industrial Maintenance Technician.  In mid-2009, he accepted a technical support position with Chief Automotive Technologies and in 2011 expanded his role with Chief as the Welder Repair Master Technician, repairing customer equipment as well as aiding with new product welder evaluations for the Engineering department.

Prior to his career with VSG, Bryan served in the United States Navy and then became an aircraft mechanic for Continental Express Airlines for five years.  Bryan’s exceptional knowledge of Chief’s welding products makes him the go-to expert, sought out by customers, partners and even his own team members.  Bryan not only provides support and service on all of Chief’s extensive product line, but also provides his background and knowledge to our Engineering and Sales departments on new fusion product evaluations.

Hire Date: July 2006

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing and spending time with my wife and three sons.

My Life: My life revolves around my family.  Time with my wife and three sons is most important to me but I set my clock by the various hunting and fishing seasons each year, providing food for my family, and appreciating the outdoors.

Important Reminders from Tech Support

Chief equipment warranty periods are based upon product registration. If a product is not registered at the time of installation, then the warranty period is considered to have begun on the Chief invoice date.  Register all equipment at the time of installation to ensure the product is covered your customer the full warranty period.

Many customers contact our Tech Support phone lines in order to establish remote PC support for their Chief measuring systems. This can often result in time on hold, waiting for an available rep.  If you need remote tech support on your measuring system there is no need to call, simply navigate your Chrome or Edge browser to chiefhelp.com.  Scroll to the bottom of the page, complete the data requested and click submit (no Session Key is needed).  Follow the screen prompts and you will be connected to our remote technical support access without the need for a phone call.  Simplify and save time!

Need a Chief product manual? Many of them are readily available on the Chief Technology page.  Point your browser to chieftechnology.com, hover over Training & Support and select Manuals for a wide variety of Chief product User and Parts Manuals.  For those who prefer, you may reach the same information via Lunati Garage mobile app or web page at https://lunatigarage.vsgdover.com/ (a login is required).  Follow the Training Support link to Manuals.  Both sites also offer a training video library. You will also find a link to our I-Car approved, ASE Certified, Collision Theory training courses offered through Chief University.  Expand your knowledge and increase your profits!

Chief Technical Support is available Monday thru Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern. Off-hour appointments for specific support tasks can be scheduled with Technical Support via phone or email.  See contact info above.

Team Members:  Supervisor: Bach Johnson (Right), Technical Product Consultant: Nate Monroe (Left)

Wheel Service Technical Team

Wheel Service recently held an “on campus” training at the end of March.  This was the first in-person training in over TWO years due to the global pandemic and the attendance was G-R-E-A-T.  Our service network partners were very excited to come to our Madison, Indiana campus and get their hands on all of the new wheel service products as well as train on the installation and service of our equipment.

Pictured below, the class is learning how to perform a calibration on both our CCD alignment system and our state-of-the-art 3D alignment system. As an added bonus, all attendees were able to take a tour of our new paint line system.

If you are interested in wheel service training, please check out available dates and times on Lunati Garage in the Rotary University section.

Wheel Service “Did you know” Tip:

Rotary has now been selling wheel service equipment for 6 years.  We have started to have more inquiries from our service provider network on how to order updated vehicle specifications for our alignment machines.  There are two different ways to order specifications for your customers.  Both ways will result in your need to download and install new vehicle specifications (DataBase) and token (license) on the target computer.

The first method to order an updated vehicle database is to send in a purchase order with the part number STDA110U to our [email protected] team.  Your purchase order MUST have the alignment machine’s serial number or smartcard number on it.  This method is for one to two types of orders and the discount is  25% off the list price.  The Rotary order team will process your order, update it, and then activate the license associated with the serial number/smartcard number you provided on your purchase order.  Once we complete this process, we will reply to the email that the purchase order was sent in on, letting you know that the new token (license) and Database is ready to download and install on the alignment machine.

The second option to order vehicle specifications is to order licenses in multiples of (5) five.  When you send in a purchase order for any multiple of (5) five you MUST include a valid email address. Our orders team will enter an order in the quantity you specify on your purchase order, and then you will receive a user name and password along with a web link to a website that you manage your tokens (license) and activate as needed. The discount is 50% off the list price.

*Please allow up to 5-7 days to receive your user name and password.

Lunati Garage (Digital Content Tool)

Utilize Lunati Garage to obtain immediate information for parts lookup, price inquiries, installation questions, and more!

The following information can be found on Lunati Garage:

·         Manuals (Service, Operation/Installation), Parts Breakdown

·         Training Manuals (Sales & Service) (Digital Print and Videos)

·         Field Bulletins and Communications

·         Warranty Policy and Procedure Handbook

·         Marketing & Sales Material (Digital Catalogs and Videos)

·         Pricing, Lead Times, Promotions, and more!


To sign up for Lunati Garage, send an e-mail to [email protected] with the information following:

·         Company Name, VSG Account #, Address, Contact Name, Email, Cell #.

Once you have access, you can connect to Lunati Garage via Web Browser or Mobile Apps:

Web Access: https://lunatigarage.vsgdover.com/


If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Thank You

We hope you enjoyed meeting the Customer Service teams.

Thank you for your business and partnership!


Tammy Harmon
Director of Customer Service